TSA partners with BMJ – Learning to educate professionals about TSC. 

Timely diagnosis and treatment of any complications are key to ensuring the best possible outcomes for people with TSC.  Not all healthcare professionals learn enough about TSC when they are training to enable them to recognise the condition.  Even those who do know about the signs and symptoms of TSC are unlikely to have up-to-date knowledge about currently available treatments unless they are TSC specialists.  

In order to improve awareness of Tuberous Sclerosis, the TSA has partnered with BMJ-Learning to produce an online training module.  The module is designed to educate GPs and other non-specialists about how to recognise TSC and about the treatments currently available.  

The module is available for anyone to access and is free to complete. Users who successfully pass the module will receive 1 Continuing Professional Development point and a certificate to print or download. Simply register for free at learning.bmj.com to access this module. 

Feedback from professionals who have accessed this module has been really positive: 

“Well worth the time. Brilliant module.” 

“Excellent.  This has been enormously helpful for all of us, thank you.” 

“I was surprised at how little I knew. Well worth taking this module” 

“Haven’t yet come across this in general practice but will be less likely to miss it now, especially the infantile spasms”