The TSA is thrilled that TSA Trustee and Head of Research Strategy Dr Chris Kingswood has won the 2017 Manuel R. Gomez Award.

Dr Kingswood received this award on Thursday 22 June 2017 at the US TS Alliance and LAM Foundation 2017 International Research Conference on TSC and LAM: Innovating Through Partnerships’ in Washington DC.

The Gomez Award is presented by the TS Alliance. It is given in memory of Manuel R. Gomez, MD, the “Father of TSC” in the USA. Dr Gomez sparked interest in the diagnosis and clinical care of individuals with TSC.

The Gomez Award is given in recognition of those who have made a significant impact on the understanding of TSC in research and/or impacted the delivery of clinical care for individuals with TSC. It is voted upon by previous recipients of the award.

Dr Kingswood spoke after the receipt of the award:

“When I started in this path 31 years ago, (Because of Lauren, my daughter), it was not something I would have chosen or wanted. But along the way it has been my privilege to meet fantastic people, TS families, researchers, clinicians & everyone at the TSA. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a fantastic team, but I would not have been able to do anything without the unfailing support of my family – especially my wife, Lesley.”

TSA Chairman Martin Short said of this award:

“It is wonderful to hear that Dr Chris Kingswood has won the prestigious Manuel R. Gomez Award for his lifetime contribution in research into Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Over the years, the outlook for people with TSC has steadily improved to the point where there really is hope for today and the prospect of so mitigating the effects of the condition that we can talk expectantly of a cure for tomorrow. When the story of this journey is written, Chris will be at the heart of it.


Alongside Dr Kingswood, the award was also presented to Professor Julian Sampson from Cardiff University. 

It is particularly fitting that Dr Kingswood has received the award in 2017, the TSA’s 40th anniversary year. Dr Ann Hunt, co-founder of the TSA, received the award 10 years ago, in 2007. Another UK awardee was Petrus De Vries in 2014.

The award is testament to Dr Kingswood’s dedication to the TSC community over the years.

Dr Kingswood has been a consultant in the Sussex Kidney Unit of the Royal Sussex County Hospital since 1987. He specialises in renal and general internal medicine with a special interest in TSC. His work as a kidney specialist has included leading a multidisciplinary team providing care for patients with acute and chronic renal failure, patients treated with peritoneal and haemodialysis, kidney transplants and miscellaneous problems. He helped set up and contributes to the multidisciplinary TSC clinic at St. Georges’ Hospital, London. 

Dr Kingswood leads the UK TSA research strategy as well as serving as a professional adviser to the TSA.  He has been an early architect of the international TSCure programme, chairing its steering group and with a particular input into its renal work-streams. Dr Kingswood is an active TSC researcher (from natural history to clinical trials), with involvement in TOSCA and the UK renal register. He has been Chief UK investigator for the Exist-2 and TOSCA studies. He is currently leading a multidisciplinary group developing a UK trial for topical Sirolimus. He has also recently been appointed Co-Director of the Brighton & Sussex Clinical Trial Unit (part of Brighton & Sussex Medical School).

Dr Kingswood has served on the Board of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association since 1994 and is a former Chairman. He has been a superb advocate for the TSC community.  He is incredibly accessible and supportive to both the TSC community and the TSA’s staff serving that community. He continues to play a key role in policy work and clinical work at a national and international level. Dr Kingswood’s contribution to TSA campaigns for access to medicines over the last two years has been crucial and pivotal. Moving forward in the TSA’s fight for specialised services, he continues to be heavily involved contributing to draft service specifications and supporting the developing national TSC clinic network.