Bella, right, with her sister Marina

We know that the TSC community is full of creative individuals and groups, all working on different passions that are close to them. It’s time that we begin to celebrate it!

In this new series of TSC community stories, we’ll speak more with people in the TSC community about what brings them joy and fulfilment in their daily lives.

Bella Forshall is a keen artist who shares her fantastic creations online for the world to see, with a particular focus on watercolour animals and floral creations. Bella, who comes from an artistic family, took some time to talk to us about her work and what inspires her.

How long have you been creating artwork?

Hmmm thats a tricky one! I suppose I started in a meaningful way after my birthday last year, when dad bought me some fabulous watercolour pencils and paper. I found it very relaxing painting over the long winter days/ nights.

What’s your favourite art materials to use (watercolours, oil paints etc)?

At the moment my art material of choice is watercolour pencils. I do also love gouache and charcoal.

You’ve got lots of great pictures of animals – is this your favourite thing to do?

Yes because I love giving them individual expressions to make them quirky and have character. I also have recently done a diploma in floristry which inspired me to do some floral paintings.

Are there any artists that you like to follow, or anyone that you draw inspiration from outside of art?

I am lucky to have some really wonderful artists in my family. Two of my cousins are successful illustrators (Rose Forshall and Bea Forshall) and I also have three aunts who are amazing artists (Kate Boxer, Kate Bowen and Catherine Forshall). These are whom I get my inspiration from.

If you had to choose one piece to be your favourite, what would it be?

I’m not sure I can answer that! They all have different meanings for me but the one I get the most compliments for is the painted grasshopper.

Do you have any pieces planned for the future?

Not really, when I see something that interests me I draw it. At the moment it’s all a bit random! But with the help of family I’m planning on turning some of them into printed cards, with the aim of selling them locally and online.

Do you have any other creative passions, or get up to anything else in your spare time?

Floristry is my other creative passion, I’ve loved my three year course and hopefully it will be something I can continue in the future.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the TSC community?

Do follow me on Instagram and I hope you enjoy my pictures!

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