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BMJ learning module

How to access Tuberous Sclerosis Complex learning modules via the British Medical Journal

The Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) is committed to expanding the knowledge and expertise of health, social care and education professionals that help people affected by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

As part of this, we have worked closely with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) to develop a learning module on the diagnosis and management of TSC.

The BMJ learning module on TSC includes interactive case studies and can help healthcare professionals understand how to diagnose, manage and treat TSC, based on the broad possibilities of how the condition can affect people living with the condition.

The BMJ learning module on TSC can be viewed here.

BMJ Learning has assigned one hour of credit to the module, with feedback for the module being extremely positive.

The TSA is currently working again with the BMJ to update the TSC learning module, in light of publication of the first UK guidelines on the diagnosis, care and management of TSC. We are also working hard to make the module free to access for all.

For more information on the BMJ’s TSC learning modules, please contact Rachael Wyartt (Head of Support and Information):

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