The 2019 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 takes place 3-4 August and we can now introduce you to the fantastic #TeamTSA team who are taking on the challenge! The eight cyclists will put on their cycling gear to brave the 100-mile journey to raise funds for the TSA so that we can continue to support those affected by TSC. 

You can learn all about the story of each cyclist below, plus information on coming along to the event to cheer our team on!

Support the team

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Join us on the day

We are hoping to get as many members of the TSC community along as possible on Sunday 4 August in London to be part of our cheering squad! Don’t worry, no experience is necessary. All you need is a willingness to support our amazing cyclists and celebrate their epic achievements with them at the finish line!

We will be based at our meeting point on the grass in-front of the cafe ‘Inn The Park’ in St. James Park from 12:00 noon. Please do let us know if you are planning to come along by emailing us and we will make sure you have all the details of the day!

Meet the team: David Cooke

I am cycling for my son, Cal, who was diagnosed with TSC prior to birth. As a result, he has suffered seizures since he was three weeks old. They were quite well controlled by medication until he was two. After this, he started to have up to 20 seizures a day and still continues to have them, despite having tried various medications.

I have previously walked 100km in 24 hours and swam in freezing cold water on Christmas Day for the TSA. I think the support they provide for families such as ours, as well as the research they fund to seek a cure, is worth supporting.

I have just started training and I am not a regular cyclist. This will therefore be a major challenge for me.
To support David with his first cycling challenge, please visit his fundraising page.

Meet the team: Nick Banyard

I’m riding on behalf of the TSA as my eight-year-old son, Boris, has TSC. Boris had resective brain surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) at three-months old, which at the time made him the youngest child in Europe to undergo that type of surgery. Since 2011 myself, my wife, our extended family and friends and our respective businesses have been raising money on behalf of the TSA and GOSH. This will be the first time I’ve ridden the Ride London event and I’m excited to represent the TSA and hopefully raise lots of money and awareness for this incredible charity.

To support Nick’s cycling journey on behalf of his son, please visit his fundraising page.

Meet the team: Tariq Farooqi

I’ll be 43 when I do this ride. My biggest ride has been 54 miles which I did a couple of years back. The reason it was two years ago is because I remembered it being hard and vowed to probably not do that again! But here I am, attempting to do 100 miles……!

The best way to describe how I feel about the ride is the fear of the hills, the ‘wall’, the fear of not being able to complete it, all rolled into one. Just generally scared!!

Realistically, that is nothing compared to what I have seen close friends of mine go through with their child who suffers from TSC – they have been so amazingly brave throughout and so when I was given the opportunity to ride for the TSA and to help those families who live this day by day, I couldn’t say no. It’s my way of showing support and just doing something positive.

I’m hoping the Surrey Hills will have been flattened for this ride but somehow, I doubt it!! 100 miles……here we go!

You can support Tariq to conquer this the 100 miles and support his close friends by visiting his fundraising page.

Meet the team: Paul and Grant Barnes

My four-year-old son George has TSC which affects all aspects of his life. We have had a particularly challenging time with TSC after brain surgery, the development of hydrocephalus and two shunts inserted into George’s brain. This has meant long stays in hospital and significant stress for us and our family.
As always, during these difficult times we have sought support from the TSA which is invaluable. All families are given a very personal service from the charity, with staff knowing our family by name and face, making it a very special charity for us. Our target, If the weather is dry this year, is to ride the route in under 6 hours.
You can support Paul and Grant complete the challenge on behalf of Paul’s son George by visiting their fundraising page.

Meet the team: Elliott Parfit

I am riding the Prudential Ride 100 event again to raise essential funds for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association and the genetic condition that affects me. I want to do this to thank the TSA for being there for me, my family and the wider TSC community. The specialist TSC clinic in Bath has fantastic doctors and the TSA funds research into what can be an absolutely devastating condition.

And of course I aim to complete the 100 miles in the best time possible!

Twenty-six years ago, when I was 7 months old, the diagnosis of TSC came as a complete shock to my mum and dad. It was a genetic condition they had never heard of and, as I had already had had infantile spasms (which are severe fits) before the diagnosis, no-one could tell them just how TSC would affect me and my development – it was a matter of wait and see.

Fortunately for me, the medication that I was given immediately after my diagnosis stopped my fits and to date they haven’t returned. However, due to TSC, amongst other things, I have mild learning difficulties, I am autistic, I have angiofibroma’s on my face and growths in my brain, kidneys (including particularly large ones in my kidneys called angiomyolipomas) and a retinal astrocytoma in one of my eyes. TSC has affected my life in many ways but I try not to let it rule my life and it would be really awesome if you could donate to help me raise funds for the TSA. 
You can support the amazing Elliott and his Ride 100 challenge by visiting his fundraising page.

Meet the team: Neil Edmonds

I really want to ride for the TSA this year as support for some good friends of ours whose daughter, Violet, was diagnosed with TSC at a very early age. The TSA has been a source of great support to them. At 52, this will be my third Ride London, with the training building up nicely again. 

Please help Neil support his friends by visiting his fundraising page.

Meet the team: Neil Henderson

My brother suffers from TSC so the condition is very close to my heart. I love raising money and awareness for the TSA. I completed Ride 100 last year and educated so many people about the condition along the way. I’m very excited to do the same this year.

Support long-time TSA fundraiser Neil by visiting his fundraising page.

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