Cochrane UK and the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) have just announced a series of free workshops which may be of interest to those associated with the TSA, in particular those interested in TSC research.

The workshops look at using critical appraisal skills to systematically assess and interpret research and support decision making. The skills taught in the session could be particularly useful for anyone assessing grant applications.

Those working in healthcare, research or support can book a place on the morning workshop session for health professionals (9am-12:30pm), and the members of the TSA community interested in research may wish to go along to the afternoon session (1.30pm-4.30pm) which is geared towards the public. Morning and afternoon sessions can be booked separately. The workshops are being held at the following locations:

 Oxford  14 May 2014 [Booking up fast]
London 19 June 2014
Birmingham  7 July 2014

They aim to:

• Raise awareness of how research evidence can be used in decision making.
• Develop attendees’ critical appraisal skills so they can tell good research from bad.
• Explain the Cochrane Collaboration and the role of Cochrane authors.