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Remember someone special or leave a legacy

Give in memory or to leave a legacy to the TSA

A very special way that many people choose to support the work of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) is to give in memory or to leave a legacy to us.

Giving in memory and leaving a legacy are both powerful and very poignant options to help the TSA continue to support people affected by Tuberous Sclerosis Association.

You can speak to us, in confidence, about remembrance giving or leaving a legacy by contacting our fundraising team either by email ( or telephone (0300 222 5737)

Remember someone special

Honouring someone’s life through a TSA donation is an incredibly kind offer and one that we do not take lightly. By choosing to celebrate the life of someone close to you by helping the TSA, you can make a significant difference to the thousands of people in the UK affected by TSC.

Remembrance donations can be organised through either a personal donation, tribute fund or a collection at a funeral or wake – one special way is to ask for donations in lieu of flowers, we can provide Gift Aid envelopes for this.

You can find out about the different ways that you can provide us with your remembrance donation here. Please let us know who the special person is that you are honouring with your remembrance donation.

Leaving a legacy

The impact of legacy donations via a person’s Will to the TSA has been huge, funding almost half of the work that we do to support people living with TSC.

Leaving the TSA a gift in your will is a wonderful and powerful gesture, allowing you to continue to help the TSC community even after you are no longer here.

Large or small, legacy donations are very special. If everyone in the UK gave away 1% of their estate as a charitably legacy, it would generate a further £71m towards good causes this year alone.

Our legacy promise

We understand the significance of legacy giving and make these promises:

  • We will never pressure someone considering a legacy donation. We understand this is a big decision and want you to decide in your own time
  • We will respect your privacy. You don’t have tell us why you would like to provide us with a legacy, nor will we even ask the size or type of legacy if it has been left in your Will
  • We absolutely understand that your loved ones come first in your Will
  • We promise to use your gift wisely, cost-effectively and in accordance with your wishes. Every penny you give will work its hardest
  • We understand that circumstances change and there might come a time where you change your mind
  • We’ll do our best to keep you updated about the work of the TSA, in whichever way you’d prefer

Ways to leave a legacy in your Will

There are a number of ways that a legacy can be left to the TSA in a Will:

  • Giving a share of your estate. This is called ‘Residuary Legacy’. After deciding what you are leaving to loved ones, you can donate some or all of what is left. This type of gift is inflation proof and will save you having to update your Will in the future
  • A specific sum of money. This is called ‘Pecuniary Legacy’. If you want to leave a specified sum to the TSA, simply list the amount in your Will
  • A specific item. You might choose to leave a specific item, such as jewellery, something collectable or any other item that could be of value

If you already have a Will in place but would like to update it to include a gift to the TSA, you just need to fill out a codicil (amendment) form.

Please remember that homemade Wills can be problematic. It is recommended that you contact a solicitor or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers to get your Will in place.

Make a one off or regular  donation

£10 Means that we can send a support pack to a family who has just received a life-changing TSC diagnosis, ensuring that they do not go through this time alone.

£25 Can help us develop materials that are included in our support services, flagship events or campaigns.

£50 Can provide laboratory equipment for a day’s research into the causes, symptoms, management or treatment of TSC.

To provide help for today and a cure for tomorrow