We asked some of our trustee’s to answer some questions about what it’s like to be a Trustee for the TSA. Here’s what Rob Vaughan, Treasurer, said:

Why did you become a trustee of TSA?

My daughter suffers from TSC and i wanted to give something back to an organisation that does so much to help suffers of the condition and their families. I felt that my accountancy knowledge and the fact that I work as an accounting in practice may be of some benefit – the financial requirements of charities can be quite complex.

 What does your role as a trustee involve?

I am treasurer of the TSA. My role involves preparing statutory accounts, management accounts for the board, budgets and other ad hoc financial reports. Also supervising the bookkeeping of the Association.  

 What are your plans/wishes for the future of TSA?

On a professional level I am looking to continue to improve the internal financial structures of the Association and help to ensure that the TSA remains on a sound financial footing. 

For the TSA as a whole I’m hoping that the Association continues this good work it’s doing and helps in moving towards finding, ultimately a cure for the condition.