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Meet the TSA research committee

Background and member list of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association Research Committee (RESCOM)

The Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) Research Committee (RESCOM) helps to ensure that we continue to be a world-leader in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC)-related research.

RESCOM aims to:

  • Oversee, guide and monitor the delivery of the TSA’s research strategy
  • Review research commitments and advise on funding for grant rounds
  • Foster relationships between funded researchers and the TSA
  • Evaluate peer-reviewed applications and make recommendations to the Finance Committee (FINCOM) and the Board of the TSA for the award of research grants
  • Promote and support TSC research with external audiences
  • Support the planning and delivery of national and international research conferences

What is the background and expertise of people in RESCOM?

RESCOM comprises of both Lay and Scientific members:

Lay RESCOM members

Lay RESCOM members are community advocates for the TSC community. Lay members often have personal experience of TSC (either directly or those close to them) and offer vital insight in the impact of living with TSC, ensuring that the TSC community’s voice is at the heart of TSA-funded research. By being a part of RESCOM, lay members help the TSA to be confident that our research strategy is focused on directly benefiting the TSC community.

Scientific RESCOM members

Scientific RESCOM members are members of RESCOM who have professional scientific expertise related to TSC, including those from research, academic or clinical backgrounds. The role of scientific RESCOM members is to oversee the review of TSA grant rounds from a scientific point of view, leading discussion and interpretation of peer reviews. Scientific RESCOM members also provide a scientific point of view in directing the TSA’s research strategy.

Who is currently part of RESCOM?

RESCOM membership is currently being updated, with an announcement on the new members expected by the end of 2019. However, the current RESCOM team is as follows:


Dr Chris Kingswood (Honorary Consultant Physician)

Scientific RESCOM members

Professor Benjamin Whalley (Director of Discovery Research)

Dr Daniel Gale (Academic Nephrologist)

Dr Emily Osterweil (Chancellor’s Fellow)

Miss Emma McManus (Senior Research Associate in Health Economics)

Dr Frances Elmslie (Consultant Clinical Geneticist)

Professor Matthias Keopp (Consultant Neurologist)

Professor Petrus de Vries (Sue Struengmann Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Professor Simon Johnson (Professor of Respiratory Medicine)

Lay RESCOM members

Mrs Carole Hagan

Mrs Corrine Swainger

Mrs Jessica Holt

Ms Laura Hughes

Mr Perry James

Are you interested in joining RESCOM, or would like to know more about the committee? Contact our Head of Research, Pooja Takhar:

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