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Jeans for Genes

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Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising campaign by Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by genetic disorders.

The Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) are a proud partner of Genetic Disorders UK, meaning that you can get involved in Jeans for Genes and help raise funds and awareness to support people affected by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC)!

What is Jeans for Genes Day?

Between Monday 14 – Sunday 20 September 2020, thousands of people around the UK help raise funds for people affected by genetic disorders by asking schools, workplaces or community groups to wear jeans for the week.

If you get involved on behalf of the TSA, half of the proceeds that you raise will go to the TSA!*

*Jeans for Genes Day is a fundraising initiative organised by the UK Genetic Disorders Partnership Network. We are a member of the Partnership, so if you organise for your school or workplace to hold a Jeans for Genes day and they haven’t held one in the last three years, the Tuberous Sclerosis Association receives 50% of the money raised. It’s as simple as that!

How to register for Jeans for Genes and raise money for people living with TSC

To ensure that the Tuberous Sclerosis Association receives 50% of the money you raise, just follow these three simple instructions:

  1. Sign-up and order your fundraising pack from the Jeans for Genes website here
  2. Fill in the free fundraising pack form on the Jeans for Genes website
  3. For the question “Are you affiliated to one of our partners?” choose the Tuberous Sclerosis Association from the drop-down menu.

This ensures that the TSA and Jeans for Genes know that you want to fundraise for us!

Once you’ve collected those fantastic funds, just send them back to Jeans for Genes and they’ll take it from there.

Remember to let us know about your fundraising

Don’t forget to tell us about your brilliant Jeans for Genes event, so that our fundraising team can help to support you. Either email fundraising@tuberous-sclerosis.org or ring the team on 0300 222 5737