The TSA recently learned of the very sad passing of long-standing TSA fundraiser and TSC advocate, Carol McWhinnie.

To those who knew her, Carol will be best known for her great commitment and love for her entire family – notably, the special bond that she shared with granddaughter Lauren. Lauren lives with TSC and will be recognisable to many for highlighting the highs and lows of life with TSC in her popular films (see our interview with Lauren here).

Carol’s commitment not only to Lauren but to the TSC community as a whole has undoubtedly blazed a trail that will continue through others thanks to her. Carol’s work in raising awareness of TSC amongst her local community has developed recognition of the condition in her local area, encouraging understanding and a desire to create positive change at a grassroots level. In fundraising, crafting was Carol’s passion, raising funds to improve the lives of everyone affected by TSC through TSA Christmas cards and also handmade items that Carol would sell all year around – this Christmas, the gap left from Carol not selling cards will surely be felt.

In the words of Paul McWhinnie, Carol’s son: “Mum was a devoted grandmother to my daughter Lauren, who has TSC. Mum was a regular supporter of the TSA, just doing her bit quietly behind the scenes as many others do. I have no doubt that my mum helped to raise lots of awareness of TSC within her community and friendship group. She loved Lauren wholeheartedly and was one of her biggest and unfaltering supporters. Mum had two other grandchildren including my other daughter Jodie, and one nephew, Archie. Mum has left a massive void in our lives.”

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